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Brake failure rescue method
Time:2016-3-2 9:11:10                  Click:438

High speed brake failure although the probability of occurring in the daily driving is very small, but if you encounter is not handled properly, it will cause very serious consequences, so ahead of time to master some emergency braking measures is very necessary. The cause of the failure of brake mainly has 3 kinds:
1. The brake system lack of necessary maintenance, brake total pump too many impurities, Mifengbuyan, vacuum booster pump failure, brake oil too dirty or several brake oil mixed use heating after vapor lock, brake general pump or pump oil, gas tank or pipe interface leakage.
2. Due to improper operation cause mechanical failure, such as long time downhill will make the brake friction heat, brake hub carbonization, brake function complete failure.
3 because of serious overloading, in under the action of gravity acceleration, increase the vehicle motion inertia, directly lead to brake failure.
Hand brake
Brake failure, available handbrake to brake, the correct method is slowly pulled the handbrake, divided into several times tension, release, tightening, loosen the method to reduce the speed of the vehicle stop. Need to pay attention to is, hand brake handle to press into the hand brake handle insurance button. Only in this way can the hand brake handle on the tension, relaxation processes operate freely, prevent tension hand brake lock.
The reduction gear brake
Manual transmission car can also through mandatory reduction gear slowed to a stop, the specific approach is directly linked into 2 block, and then release the accelerator pedal disengages the clutch, then the vehicle will have a slam the brakes like feeling, and then waiting for an opportunity to link into a block, then you can to switch off the engine cylinder compression of the vehicle parking.
If it is at some risk such as downhill sections appear brake failure and to prevent danger to further expand, when necessary can use roadside sand mud heap, haystacks, Gou Lu, woods, rock and other obstacles to vehicle resistance and parking.
Emergency rescue measures
1. The safety belt can bus stop in when the emergency brake to the windshield, if not wearing a seat belt is best not to try to force themselves to go against the collision, which may more serious injuries than letting nature take its course, because the more abrupt deceleration collision. In the backward impact point moment should be early away from the steering wheel, arms chest, hand on her head.
2. According to the correlation data demonstrated the copilot seat is the most dangerous, if you sit in the word, the first to hold the head lying on the seat, or the hands clench fist, with the wrist supporting forehead, bent at the same time body lift the knee to hold the abdominal and chest.
3. The back of the best protective measures is to quickly move out a foot, on top of the back of the front seat, and elbow flexion in the chest, hands open, head and face protection, jerk from the back, the pressure in the chair.
. here, we would also like to emphasize that if an accident or emergency brake quickly with his hands thrust forward arm or the back of a chair, two feet after a hard push forward, so that the impact force of consumption, blunt body buffer before the speed, thereby reducing victimization degree. Collision Avoid shouting, should his lips, teeth, to avoid collision when biting tongue. The car collided with the possibility of fire greatly, so hit a stop, all the people will soon try to leave the car.

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