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Pay attention to the maintenance of spring and summer
Time:2016-3-2 9:12:41                  Click:463

The spring and summer season, the rain to wash, bird droppings, gum is the biggest enemy of paint. Automotive beauty expert tips, the rainy season has been particularly need to pay attention to acid rain, bird droppings, gum and iron these car "skin killer" to the paint corrosion.
1, the most subtle -- acid rain
Beijing has been acid rain plagued city "blacklist". In August 2006, 80% of Beijing's rainfall belong to acid rain". Acid rain refers to the pH value is lower than 5.6 rain or snow, and the car paint occur chemical reaction, reduce the car paint decorative effect and protective ability, make paint appear acerbity feeling even with small spots.
2, the most annoying -- bird droppings
Not only is beautiful, if separated genius bird droppings on the car paint processing, paint may will be with strong acidic bird droppings corrosion pits. Chezhiyou coating can reduce the adhesion of guano, gently rub, it can remove bird droppings, not corrosion paint.
3, the most solid attack -- iron powder
The air filled with a lot of the naked eye cannot see metal dust. In the exercise of the car, iron in the role of inertia direct thrust into the paint; and in the iron oxide powder, rapid corrosion of car paint from the inside to the outside is really solid attack.
4, the most easily overlooked - gum
Stop the vehicle carefully under the tree gum threat. Because the gum is transparent and colorless, careless difficult to find the owner. The solidification of the gum will cause the surface pits, can also cause severe cracking.

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