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Abnormal fault BENZ Engine
Time:2016/3/2 9:13:23                  Click:1477

Fault phenomenon: when engine is running, the different sound "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh like, and when the vibration is too large.
Troubleshooting: in order to confirm the fault symptom, namely starting engine test, in the idle operation state, the abnormal sound is very small, it is unlikely to catch, but in the idle operation state air-conditioning switch batch to on, immediately "Shoop, Shoop, Shoop" belt slipping sound. The air conditioning compressor is the belt slipping abnormal sound engine. The reason for the slip belt aging, belt tensioner, tensioner regulator bad bad.
Secondly to verify the speed when the vibration is too large, from n stall orientation stall R, D gear shift position and in driving shift have great vibration. A test drive, from 3 to 4 gear upshift and downshift gear from 4 to 3 stalls, 1 stalls and small vibration speed, 2 speed between the upshift and downshift, upshift 2 stalls and 3 gear and downshift vibration. Gear vibration reason of nothing more than driving rubber shaft coupling aging or fracture, automatic transmission device operation oil pressure is too high or automatic transmission parts adverse.
First find the cause of the transmission vibration, repeated operation speed selection lever, confirm the transmission vibration state. Test results and N stall orientation D stalls transform from, clutch conclude the moment produced "goo sneer" sound, vibration and "snap" sound, in the driver's seat can also clearly confirmed. If the sound is produced in automatic transmission, is not easy to understand. Immediately to lift a car to drive shaft rotation a try, swing your hands can be heard "Kacha, Kacha," the small sound. Remove the drive shaft, it is found that the rubber coupling deformation to be cracked.
According to the above operation results, the bad parts, namely the air conditioning compressor drive belt, belt tensioner, Zhang Jin wheel regulator replaced together. The three part supporting the replacement effect is better. Because the transmission and noise, so the replacement of the drive shaft rubber elastic coupling.
After the end of the operation of test running, the engine abnormal sound is completely eliminated, from n stall orientation driving gear switch and driving a shift in vibration is completely eliminated.

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