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What is the role of the car
Time:2016/3/2 9:14:36                  Click:1520

Generally speaking, the car is not only to make the car clean and bright, shining, its main purpose is to maintain, that is to say the car is the most basic work of car maintenance.
In addition, the car paint mainly lies in the life extension and maintenance, that is to say the car is the basic work of maintenance of the body. Paint type paint used in modern cars, can provide protection for body surface brightness. However, paint quality hard, film and thick, after long time weathering, acid rain, high temperature and strong light, leaves, guano, dead worms and other special environment, and failed to timely care, to paint caused many adverse effects. The chemical pollution of the rain or melting snow, the most serious damage to paint. Ultraviolet rays through the body of the acid rain drops, converging point of penetration ability is very strong, if timely care, it will in the paint surface produce extremely difficult to deal with the labrum, and harmful substances in the continuous deposition, corrosion and penetration, car paint fade, lose luster, forming an oxide layer. How to ensure a week or after the rain wash? The usual car wax Shan clean the body of dust, paint can be protected by the most basic, less susceptible to external harmful substances erosion.

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