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Scrap pieces of experts teach you the knowledge accelerator
Time:2016/3/2 9:15:15                  Click:1533

The general is from the accelerator pedal to control the accelerator, also called the accelerator pedal, the engine control device is the supply of gasoline.
Our normal use method of the accelerator pedal is heel the cab floor support, soles of the feet Tread softly on the accelerator pedal, the use of bone and joint action to do addition and subtraction gasoline supply in order to achieve the effect of acceleration and deceleration. Step on the accelerator pedal is fastidious about the skill, the car has just started, the accelerator pedal can not be stepped on the low, just above idle throttle, gas should be with the clutch linkage, released the clutch and accelerator pedal to accelerate to be close coordination, action is smart enough, and in the journey of driving, according to the actual condition to modified gasoline supply control the running speed of the vehicle, in the face of slope should not put the pedal to the low, we only need to change speed gear and the pedal to about half can be. While we were driving at the end is extinguished, we should turn off before you release the accelerator pedal, the throttle can not trample empty.

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