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The birth of a new brand of new energy vehicles boom a basket
Time:2016/3/2 9:17:11                  Click:1578

The car, car, car, LETV future Kumar automobiles, auto kun...... In the tide of new energy vehicles, these you've never heard of said car brand in the next two years will soon appear in the streets, so that your eyes a bright, and some will even subversion you on the car's cognition and experience.
Now, the market of new energy vehicles has begun, and the automobile industry become a trend which cannot be halted, an indisputable fact. According to the Chinese Automobile Industry Association statistics, in 2015 Chinese new energy automobile sales 331 thousand vehicles, an increase of 3.4 times. From the promotion of new energy vehicle target, Chinese automobile industry association is expected this year's sales of new energy vehicles will be doubled, to 700 thousand vehicles, the growth spurt of the situation.
The new brand new product was born not far
With the increasing demands for new energy automobile production qualification "relaxed", more "layman" in the eyes of the Autobots have joined the research and production of new energy vehicles, new energy automobile brand was born.
In the field of new energy vehicles, using a classic advertisement: the Internet and new energy seems to be worthy of. When the number of the most recent exposure of music as a super car. Together with the luxury car brand Aston Martin developed the first RapidE smart electric car will be listed before the end of 2018.
By Tencent, BITAUTO founder Li Bin, car Lixiang founder, founder of Jingdong Liu Qiang Dong, CO sponsored the creation of Wei to cars, has in Silicon Valley in the United States, Munich, Germany and China's Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and London set up R & D, design institutes, the first models will be a performance limit limited edition electric ultra running, is expected to debut at the end of 2016.
In addition, with the music and the car has not yet received the status of production qualification compared to the "future car" seems to be more promising. Recently, Beijing Great Wall Huaguan Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.'s all subsidiaries -- future car Suzhou production base foundation, preliminary plans capacity of 5 million units, the first pure electric run "future K50" production soon. However, the new energy vehicle production qualification release is only a matter of time. According to the Beijing morning news reporter, the application of universal car production qualification has been approved for many years. By named after the acquisition of the electric car company Fisker "karma car" to the fastest speed products will be put on the Chinese market, and realize the localization of production.
The enormous potential of new energy vehicles, but also for some unknown car companies see business opportunities. Founded less than a year the Shaanxi Tongjia Automobile Corporation Co., Ltd. announced that's "Kun" brand first pure electric small SUV will be officially launched in 2016.
The traditional force of new energy automobile enterprises ambitious
On the one hand, new energy vehicles, many new brands eager; on the other hand, the traditional car companies can not relax. Compared to the new brand, know better cars and has a huge customer accumulation of traditional car companies of course more innate advantage, the planning can also used to describe the macro.
Beiqi new energy in 2015 sales of 20129 vehicles, an increase of 369%, become the biggest dark horse of independent new energy vehicles. In 2016, Beiqi new energy sales target of 70 thousand vehicles, sales in 2020 is to reach 500 thousand units, the task is arduous.
The leader of new energy vehicles BYD, 2015 sales of new energy vehicles 61 thousand and 700 vehicles, an increase of 234.7%, far exceeding the Nissan, Tesla and other international brands, to become the world's first sales of new energy vehicles. In 2016, BYD will also launch nearly ten new cars.
SAIC new energy passenger car sales in 2015 11123, an increase of 3 times in 2016, target 30 thousand.
According to the national policy for new energy vehicles subsidy, the amount of subsidies will be reduced year by year, and will be completely abolished in 2021. How the new energy vehicles in the future without subsidies to support the case for survival, is the brand new energy vehicles need to think about.

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