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Russian media: Apple Corp is secretly developing the first electric cars
Time:2016/3/2 9:17:58                  Click:1468

Russian media said, according to the display in Sunnyvale, California, city construction company in the unusual activities and secret, apple is developing a new car project.
According to the Russian satellite network on February 29, citing Fox News reported on the 26th, according to the TV news at night from surrounded by 3.7 meters of metal mesh of the building noise disturb the nearby residents. The crackling sound, dull beating sound, harsh machines roar scream let impression profound, it seems to be a large metal facility in closed exercise in the range. Other sounds like "a sharp acceleration of installation of industrial sample".
The television said residents believe this dubious security facilities of Apple Corp. In close to walking the dog every time they are found in some very eye-catching, Japanese Toyota Prius security staring at them. If they think that passers-by are too close to the fence, the boring hurry up to stop security "".
Reported that the Apple Corp of the reporter's question does not respond to all. The California company has never officially announced the first in the development of its own electric car. However, the media have found that Apple Corp has hired dozens of automotive experts from Benz Corp, including Ford and.
According to Reuters, 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the BMW in Munich, Germany headquarters, and his assistant went to the in the company plant in Leipzig, in order to understand the BMW I3 electric vehicle production process.

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