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BMW open personnel adjustment curtain: Kang Siyuan not second Shi Dengke
Time:2016/3/2 9:21:11                  Click:2274

Spring Festival, BMW China personnel adjustment curtain has been opened. In February 27th, BMW Chinese announced that, from April 1st onwards, Liu Zhi will succeed Xu Zhijun as president of BMW (China) automobile trade limited company. Xu Zhijun finished the work after the transfer, will be transferred to the BMW Group Asia Pacific senior management positions.
Liu Zhi succeeded Xu Zhijun just started a series of BMW China personnel adjustment." An unnamed BMW dealer told reporters on twenty-first Century economic report.
In fact, from the beginning of last year, Xu Zhijun will be removed from the BMW China has spread rumors. Since 2012 Engelhard replace sydenko served as president and CEO of BMW in the Greater China region, BMW China and personnel changes constantly. Lu Yi, Dai Lei, Duan Jianjun, Zhu Jiang, a public executives has left BMW joined other luxury brands, Xu Zhijun is Shi Dengke era, as one of the few still effectiveness of BMW China executives.
Different with the exodus of executives, Xu Zhijun's "localization" deep imprint but not pure. Born 1958, Singaporeans speak fluent Mandarin with Taiwan accent, style refined and cultured forever. Since 1997 joined the BMW group, Xu Zhijun has been responsible for BMW in Hongkong, Macao and other areas of business. On September 1, 2010 onwards, he became president of BMW (China) Automobile Trade Co., Ltd., has been nearly six years, after Shi Dengke, Angus, Kang Siyuan three BMW China president and CEO, is "sanchaoyuanlao".
But from the beginning of last year, Xu Zhijun has rarely appeared in public, is two times the number of speech is in the BMW 7 Series on the conference and the Guangzhou auto show. Mid last year, dealers have told reporters that Xu Zhijun is likely to leave BMW, leaving the main reason is two: one is the term is approaching, two is the performance pressure forced the German headquarters adjustment strategy.
Now, Kang Siyuan replace Engelhard served as president and CEO of BMW in the Greater China region, German headquarters in the Chinese market "new order" to implement, which means, Xu Zhijun, BMW China key positions will also have personnel changes.
Why is Liu Zhi?
Xu Zhijun removed from the BMW China inside is not a secret, but the choice of Liu Zhi to succeed, but beyond most people expected.
For many media people, are not familiar with the name of Liu Zhi. He joined BMW in 2008, has held management positions in product management, dealer management and sales department, and has served as vice president and vice president of BMW southern Bmw Brilliance Automobile Ltd sales. From the point of view of experience, Liu Zhi's actual combat experience, but measured from the age, only 39 years old, he is indeed Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz three luxury car prices in the youngest president and only a Chinese nationals president.
"From the southern senior manager, director to brilliance BMW sales vice president, Liu Zhi's a journey to be savored each step of the promotion, just after two step time faster." Be familiar with Liu Zhi's dealer told reporters.
Have experience in BMW China internal management a lot of talent, why choose the young Chinese executives Liu Zhi? BMW's explanation is: the future management personnel will be BMW's younger, localization, in order to enhance the efficiency, improve the combat effectiveness of BMW models in the market.
This is actually the talent strategy and the headquarters of BMW is the same. In May last year, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer worldwide in advance after retiring, the successor to the Kruger, only 49 years old, is three Dade Department of luxury car prices in the young Global CEO. BMW hopes young talent strategy, the future BMW more dynamic." BMW Chinese insiders told reporters.
China market is currently BMW the world's largest and most important market. In addition to the young talent strategy, strengthen the new requirements for China market localization is the headquarters of BMW.
Four years ago, Engelhard alternative history of Dengke in charge of the Chinese market, many people interpreted as BMW headquarters to on the Chinese market "right" to make it consistent with the pace of the German headquarters. But after three years of "trial period", though Engelhard diligent, modest man, but in front of the market of the mutation, the dealer business, familiar with the German executives in China's performance does not let headquarters with so is an emergency call back.
Last year, BMW sales in China to 463 thousand and 700 units, representing a slight increase of 1.7%. Slowed the luxury car market in China under the background of, BMW's performance in China while in the Ashkenazi three luxury brand in the center is not easy, but the objective point of view, this performance does pull low BMW global growth. Data show that the 2015 BMW's global sales 224.7 million, an increase of 6.1%, which although the BMW once again won the global luxury car sales champion, but its year-on-year sales growth rate is the lowest since 2009. In contrast, rival Mercedes Benz with the launch of the new product line and force the China market last year, global sales reached 1 million 870 thousand, further narrowing the gap between BMW and BMW headquarters, which makes the pressure is not small.
So, at this moment, BMW once again on the market to strengthen the localization of Chinese. Familiar with Chinese business "lightning" Kang Siyuan was appointed president of BMW Greater China CEO, has revealed a strong message. From the internal selection China executives Liu Zhi as Xu Zhijun's successor, BMW is also in the beginning this year to strengthen the localization strategy.

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