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Import car landing clearance policy will be cancelled
Time:2016/3/2 9:20:14                  Click:1625

Has been running for ten years of imported cars "landing clearance" policy will be adjusted in the month. Recently, there is news that the Shanghai Free Trade Zone in Tianjin and imported cars will enjoy free trade policy for a certain period of time. "Landed duty paid" refers to, released in 2004, the national development and Reform Commission, "auto industry development policy" provisions: "from 2005 onwards, all import Port Bonded Zone shall not be stored in order to enter the domestic market for the purpose of cars." Therefore, the General Administration of customs regulations, from 2005 onwards, the purpose of the car to enter the domestic market, should be directly in the port customs import declaration, tax and other formalities".
Comment: "landed duty paid" after the cancellation policy, will ease the financial pressure on importers and distributors, parallel import traders or will become the biggest beneficiary. With the parallel import business into the stable and healthy development stage, the market complementary role to play better, the imported car market overall price system will also bring important influence.

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