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SAIC set up a new energy car rental company
Time:2016/3/2 9:18:49                  Click:1499

SAIC recently with the Jiading District, reached a cooperation memorandum of strategic cooperation, the new energy automobile leasing project cooperation framework agreement ", jointly set up a new energy car rental services company signed an, in the next five years become international with the industry leading innovation of enterprises. Corporate planning, 2016 basic realization of Shanghai city new energy automobile leasing services for full coverage, more than 5000 new energy vehicles and products promotion; 2018 business covering the country about 100 cities and explore explore the international city, more than 50000 new energy vehicles and products promotion; 2020 business cover cover major cities of the country and some foreign typical city, the promotion of new energy car 30 million to become the largest new energy automobile operation and service enterprises.
Hot 2014, SAIC Motor will and e to enjoy the day, EVCARD, EHI, Dorset Kang, many companies reached the Roewe E50 Roewe e550 and other models purchase agreement. Since these vehicles since put into use, has been widely recognized by the vast number of consumers. Market forecasts, I believe that with the new energy infrastructure continues to improve, time-sharing lease will become the mainstream of future green travel.

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