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The capital city of new energy vehicles is not "fall off" effect
Time:2016/3/2 9:19:26                  Click:1682

Since this year, domestic sales of new energy vehicles "cliff" decline, and subsidies for new energy vehicles reduced, the prospects for the development of new energy vehicles to cast the shadow. However, the Beijing Daily reporter visited found that in the new energy vehicle quota, hot models subsidies has not changed, and the market of new energy vehicles in Beijing without subsidies policy "backslide" influence and sales remain high.
The personage inside course of study thinks, the Beijing market sales of new energy vehicles are more concentrated in mileage in more than 200 kilometers, the amount of subsidy unchanged, some models even a slight increase. At the same time, to obtain a license for free, also let the incremental Beijing new energy vehicles are special.
Data show that in January this year, the domestic new energy special passenger car sales 14 thousand vehicles, an increase of 183%, a decline of 63%. Among them, the pure electric passenger vehicles to 7782 vehicles, an increase of 219%, up 72% qoq. At the same time, last year, according to the Ministry and other ministries jointly issued the about 2016-2020 to promote the application of new energy automotive financial support policy notice "(hereinafter referred to as the" Circular ") shows, this year, subsidies for new energy vehicles still in pure electric mode mileage as the division standard, but on the amount of subsidies lower than last year. To the lower end of less than 150 km cruising mileage electric vehicle as an example, this year's subsidy by 31 thousand and 500 yuan to 25 thousand yuan. Next year to 2018 this year, compared with 20% 2019-2020 subsidies fall, compared with the year 40% years subsidies fall. Although the industry generally believe that the decline in the new energy automobile production belongs to the stage of adjustment, but the experts also said that the new energy vehicles subsidy policy adjustment has become one of the most important factors.
It is noteworthy that, in the decline in sales of new energy vehicles subsidy tightening situation, Beijing consumers to buy new energy vehicles are still not enthusiastic. It is understood, at present market of Beijing Beiqi new energy EV200, BYD E6, such as mileage in more than 200 kilometers of hot models without subsidies "backslide" policy implications. "Notice" provisions, the mileage at 150-250 km of pure electric vehicles, subsidies are still for 4.5 million yuan, so automotive new energy EV200 after enjoy the national and local government's dual subsidy, consumers will still be able to receive 9 million yuan subsidies to purchase a car. BYD's new E6 400 km mileage models, as with the "greater than or equal to 250 kilometers of pure electric vehicle range notice", also subsidies 1000 yuan higher than last year, double subsidies reached 110 thousand yuan. A BYD 4S shop responsible person said, the growth of long mileage and subsidies, the E6 sales steady growth, at present store monthly orders were in more than 100 vehicles, consumers buy the models for a predetermined period of time in about a month.
Yan Jinghui auto market experts said that for the Beijing market, the mileage of 200 kilometers has become consumers to buy new energy vehicles, one of the criteria, and under the dual role of national policy and consumer demand, also can make the car look forward to accelerate the development of new energy vehicles, to launch the mileage of more products.
The subsidy is not reduced at the same time, the quota index also to become the capital of new energy vehicle sales growth security. According to the Beijing small passenger car index control management office announced the 2016 the first phase of the passenger car index application audit results and configuration of show, the configuration index of personal demonstration and application of new energy car a12214, unit a total of 1819 efficient encoding. According to the calculation of this year 60 thousand demonstration and application of new energy indicators quota, the individual indicators of new energy vehicles allocation accounts for about 1/4 of the annual index.
Yan Jinghui analysis think, if in accordance with the current configuration index for speed, this year Beijing index of new energy vehicles will be in August run out when the consumers for new energy vehicle index can only continue into next year, Beijing due to the implementation of the special car quota index, the future Beijing new energy car sales will continue to remain high.

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